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Kathy, Fitness Motivators Certified Instructor

"I took my first Fitness Motivators (kickboxing) class over eleven years ago. It was so much fun and I was very impressed with the workout, the structure and energy of the class, and the instructors. The pursuit of higher education and life’s obstacles had me on hiatus and the gym alone was not cutting it. Almost two years ago, I managed to make it a priority to sign up for a class with FM again. I was getting a good workout in class but I was not totally working on “a better me” because of my eating habits. Being a winter “free for all” winner was divine intervention for my body to get right with the workouts in my mind and to officially recommit to exercising more. I participated in the Group Training, Z-Box, Boot Camp, Zumba & Cardio Boxing classes. I loss 16lbs., 10½ inches and 4.3% body fat in approximately seven weeks. It was nearing the end of this session that I was recruited by Donna and Debbie to train and become a member of the FM team. I was shocked (and still am) and honored.

During the day, I’m the Treasurer’s Office Deputy for a local municipality. I deal with property taxes, the public, and I wear many hats. I love my day job but being in an FM class is “my happy place.” It is where the stresses of the day are dissolved and you can focus on “you” while having fun and working on your body and mind. I am very happy to state that I’m free of any prescription meds and that regardless of my hectic schedule, being in an FM class has become mandatory for me. I look forward to being instrumental in helping others achieve their fitness goals as the FM team has helped me."




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