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Christina, Fitness Motivators
Training & Events Director
Chief Certified Fitness Instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
AFAA Certified
AFAA Kickboxing Certified
Z-Box Pro ZEN Boxer Certified
PIYO VIP Certified
Tabata Bootcamp Certified
Zumba Authorized ZIN Instructor
Zumba Gold Authorized
Pilates Certified
Fitness Motivators Since 1999

"Growing up in the Fitness Industry I have seen a great amount of success stories! These stories are the reasons I continue my quest through Fitness and overall Health! Having graduated from Madonna University with my Bachelor’s in Psychology, I feel I have the understanding to give people what they want in their personal Fitness and Health goals!

Recently I have devoted myself to Fitness and Health! I found it very important to start early on living the healthiest lifestyle possible! I am often criticized among my peers as being a health nut and called “crazy” for the amount of working out that I do! However, I find this to be intriguing!! I am a product of my product! Being knowledgeable early in life will help me to continue into my adulthood with a healthy and positive outlook on life! I want to make sure I start doing everything now to keep my health well until my later stages in life!"


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