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Donna, creator of Fitness Motivators
Fitness Director
Chief Certified Fitness Instructor
Wellness Practitioner
AFAA Certified
AFAA Primary Group Examiner
AFAA Kickboxing Examiner
AFAA Kickboxing Certified
Z-Box® Presenter
Z-Box® Pro ZEN Boxer Certified
YogaFit Certified
PIYO Certified
Tabata Bootcamp Certified
TurboKick Certified
Pilates Certified
Licensed Flex Silver Sneakers Instructor
Zumba Authorized ZIN Instructor
Zumba Gold Authorized
Aqua Zumba Authorized
ZumbAtomic Authorized
Fitness Motivators Since 1989

Donna has been teaching group fitness classes for over 35 years (her first class being at a Detroit YMCA teaching high impact aerobics). Donna is the originator of Fitness Motivators and creator of the following programs: xGravity, Z.E.N., Interval Training (first in the area to offer a program mixed with cardio and weights, in 1989!) and co-creator of Z-Box Fitness. Click to read how Fitness Motivators started.

Donna’s main focus is to teach clients how to love themselves for who they are and not what society expects us to be. “Our body is a temple. We need to nourish it with love, acceptance, exercise, and nutritional foods. Do not poison it. After all, this is the only body we were given and we need to treat it with respect.” 

Donna has over thirty-two years emphasizing knowledge of business management, an extensive entrepreneurial background, and as a freelance graphics/web designer.

"My goal is to help our clients reach their fitness goals."

"Thank you very much for having Fitness Motivators as part of your fitness and/or weight loss journey. We've seen so many clients reach their goals which is totally awesome and well worth the hard work we put into our programs! It is because of your dedication on why Fitness Motivators is so successful! We promise to continue to offer affordable, quality, unique fitness programs - and make it fun and entertaining! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me!" - Donna 

Fitness Motivators classes available to SilverSneakers Members!

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