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In January, we introduced the 13-Week Fitness Motivators Fitness Challenge! During this challenge, participants were asked to focus not only on their weight loss, but rather focus on themselves. We asked that they allow this challenge time to be STRONGER in life by having CONTROL over their eating habits, DEDICATION to their workouts, and MOTIVATION to continue on being healthier.

During the Challenge, the participants had to do a beginning and final measurements assessment, a variety of homework, and record their food intake and exercise daily in their journal. Their final homework was to write at least a paragraph on what this Challenge meant to them (e.g., was it helpful, did it meet your expectations, did you stay motivated, are you making fitness a part of your lifestyle, etc.).

We had 11 clients who participated in this Challenge. Only five stuck to it to the end! Out of those five participants, a total of 17.25 inches and 11 pounds were lost! Well Done Ladies!!! That is truly a huge accomplishment especially since we had to endure a tough winter that forced us to stay indoors and sometimes, demotivated us to do anything. Each participants did an excellent job and we are very proud of of their accomplishments! However, we had to pick one winner . . .

Drum Roll Please . . . .
The winner of the Weight Loss Challenge is Sharon Detter! Sharon will receive $100 from Fitness Motivators and $55.00 - half of the entry fees. Sharon lost a total of 8.25 inches and 3 pounds. Please read Sharon's final homework that she submitted below.

Sharon Detter, Fitness Motivators Challenge Winner

"I had no idea about The Challenge and then heard the announcement in Zumba class. I already was loving the class and was challenged to join a second, Z-Box, and then a third, Zumba Toning. I did it and I am stronger and dedicated to my workouts. I have gained endurance, strength, balance, firm arms and most important - two new friends, Janne and Mary. I am disappointed I didn't loose more weight although I did journal, worked out and made healthy choices. But, I am confident in making that be my next focus/goal. I challenged myself to make these workouts fit into my crazy-hectic schedule - and - I did it! For that I am eternally grateful as it is a piece of the puzzle I just couldn't find. Thank you for making each class fun and challenging. I look forward to continuing my Happy and Fit journey with Fitness Motivators!!"

Fitness Motivators Weight Loss Challenge

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