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Jim and Diane, Client Highlight of the MonthWhat is your Motivation?

Diane: I want to maintain good health for the rest  of my life, if possible. I've always been a physically active person,  and exercise class is one of the many outlets I've enjoyed for many  years to help maintain good health.
Jim: I want to maintain good physical condition, which I believe ultimately will help keep me healthy.


Who/what has influenced you and how?

Diane: I've been influenced by many  people -- generally, I like to be around positive, energetic, smart &  enthusiastic types. I like people who are at least one step "ahead of  me and that helps to keep me looking and moving forward.

Jim: My wife has been very active all her adult life taking and teaching aerobics classes.  I wanted to join her to work out together.


What health advice would you give others?

Diane: I have been so blessed to have always been a very healthy person. But I also TRY to eat right rarely eat fast food), exercise and to lead as stress free a life as possible (my faith in God; helps in that area).
Jim: I would say to folks, that the good Lord; has given us one body and only one physical lifetime. It just makes sense to take the best  care of ourselves as we can.


What does your general fitness program consist of?

Diane: Two nights a week in the greatest kickboxing class and five times a week I do 20 minute sessions on my elliptical exerciser.

Jim: I have free weights and a heavy bag. I try to work out three times a week. During the summer, we walk one time a week. Then of course there is Cardio Boxing two times a week. I think that less then two times a week just isn’t enough.


What is your favorite food?

Diane: Spaghetti. I also love fish (broiled or baked) and pasta of any kind. My downfall is chocolate.

Jim: I really like hamburgers, seafood, and spare-ribs prepared on the BBQ. Potato Chips are my worst food choice, but I love em’.


What are your short-term goals?

Diane: To try to enjoy to be positive with  each day that is given to me.
Jim: I really want to lose some extra weight and raise my strength level.


What are your long-term goals?

Diane: To always stay as healthy as possible and to always seek new interesting things to bring into my life.

Jim: I would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay as fit as I am able.


What are your hobbies and interests?

Diane: I have had so many hobbies thru  the years, but for now I am enjoying jewelry making and I also like to garden, but don't have much time to spend on that right now. I've had a life long love of horses and have been around them most of my life. We are blessed to have two grandchildren, a girl and a boy, who we spend a lot of time with. They are amazing.
Jim: I like fishing and shooting sports. I am also a HAM Radio Operator and do volunteer work for our church.  We both enjoy kayaking when we

get the chance.


Any other comments or suggestions that you would like to add...
We are so fortunate to be in such an uplifting and fun class with energetic, enthusiastic, innovative and smart instructors. The class is NEVER dull and is always a great workout


FM Team 2007
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Mission of Fitness Motivators
To promote the maximum increase in fitness in the shortest most EFFICIENT manner. Safety is our Number One concern. We strive to offer a fitness class to get you motivated about getting into the best possible shape. We try to change the routine for every class, to expedite maximizing your overall fitness level. We feel that adding our classes to your health and fitness plan is just one of the many facets of a complete fitness program. 

Cardio Workout
Normally we do either 30 minutes or 45 minutes of cardio  (both time frames include the warm-up).  We must continuously monitor signs of EACH student to assess their overall well-being. This of course is somewhat subjective, but after 27 years of teaching, some signs of stress are readily apparent and must be taken seriously. In other words, if ONE or more student(s) is struggling with a routine we immediately show alternatives geared towards reducing the heart rate.  Although we offer different intensity levels, from Beginners to Advanced, it is still important for us to watch each and every student.  The number one rule in our classes is safety.  If we feel that the class is not hard enough (our perceived exertion), we bring the level up and if it is too high, we bring the level down.  Those that are intermediate or advanced are encouraged to maintain a level that suites their particular situation.

Hand Weight use in Class
We feel it is very important to use Hand Weights in our classes. Although it seems that some moves may appear repetitive, please keep this in mind: The number one goal of resistance training is RESULTS. Re-inventing the wheel for the sake of doing something "new" is sometimes counterproductive. For example, trying a newfangled way to work your bicep is unnecessary, as the old fashioned "curl" has yet to be surpassed in terms of safety, simplicity and efficiency in building the targeted muscle.  In a normal weight-lifting routine, it is not uncommon for a typical workout to entail 12 to 15 reps per set with 3 sets of each targeted muscle group. What we do in 10 to 13 minutes, normally takes up to one hour or more in the weight room!  While there are some excellent "new' moves, remember that the "old" ones are usually just as efficient...besides, your muscles really don't know the difference!  There is nothing fancy or "new" to do in a weight workout.  If you see serious bodybuilders or read muscle or fitness magazines, you will see that the proven weight workouts are the same old ones used everyday!  If you find that a particular exercise is too easy, the best advice is...increase the increment of your hand weights. 

Sample Structure of our Cardio Boxing Class

  • 8-10 minutes of warm-up

  • 20 - 33 minutes of cardio (Depending on the workout - The time could go as high as 45 minutes.)

  • Heart Rate & Rate of Perceived Exertion observed

  • 1-3 minutes of Stretching if needed

  • Students get a drink of water (as needed) and grab their Hand Weights

  • 10-13 minutes of Hand Weights (Depending on the workout - The time could change to under 12 minutes.)

  • 1-2 minutes of Stretching if needed

  • 13-14 minutes of Mat or Mitts workout

  • Last few minutes of Stretching/Cool Down

We do our best to expose our students with the most widely accepted ways to perform a cardio move, from Beginners to Advanced Students. We emphasize proper form when using your Hand Weights. Heart Rate Monitors are used to help instructors make sure you are within a safety zone when in class.  (Keep in mind that Instructors heart rates are a little higher when teaching) 

What is Expected from our Clients
It is up to you to workout within the limits of your ability. It is up to you to follow the instructors and do your best to perform the the moves correctly.  When we push you to "do just one more set'' (in cardio or weights), it is our intent to motivate you and help push you a little further in your training. 

Although the majority of students are more than satisfied with our programs, there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to fitness programs. If we are not what you are looking for in a particular class, you may wish to try another one of our classes with a different routine emphasis. We strive to stay current with the fitness industry via workshops & certifications, and have numerous training sessions within our company to  continue to motivate the students and offer high quality programs in the community, most importantly we try to have fun!!


"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that?
We must have perseverance

and . . .

confidence in ourselves."

- Marie Curie

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