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Time for Fitness Motivators in 2010!


In January, Fitness Motivators and local Zumba instructors performed at the Detroit Pistons game! We had over 200 attendees that supported us! We had a lot of fun!

The following link was recorded from the Palace Jumbotron. Click here. . .

Detroit Pistons Pregame Performance
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I have always wondered what my body is capable of with regards to strength, agility, endurance and physique. But I have always been too busy to try and push myself and train myself the way I train others. Well lately, the thought has come across my mind again! What can my body do and how hard will I have to work to get to that point? Obviously, everyone thinks about wanting to look a certain way but I, however, do not have a certain look I want to achieve. When thinking of my long-term goal for my challenge I realized I did not have one. I know I do not want to lose a certain amount of weight because weight is really just a number especially for someone who works out as much as I do. I also don’t want to reach a certain pant size because I do not want to obsess about a certain loss because what if I attain it faster than I thought or slower? I also do not want to worry about my body fat percentage. Since I am in athletic range now, I feel good staying within this range. So now, you are probably wondering, then why do it? Like everyone, there are areas on your body that you wish to change! Well believe it or not I have the same insecurities. I do not want to send you the entirely wrong message and tell you I am not happy with my body, because I am! I feel I am in very good condition physically and mentally! This is just something I have always wanted to do! A good example to give you all is to compare myself to someone who has had a dream to run a marathon! Well this is my marathon!!

THE BREAK DOWN! Here is how it is going to go! I am going to put myself on a training program for 4 months!! Within these 4 months I will blog about it so you can all see my successes and set backs! I will start March 1 and end July 1. I am going to be on a strict workout regime as well as changing a few things with my diet! My husband is also going to put himself through a workout challenge so eating healthy will be easier having him do it with me! At the beginning of this Fitness Challenge, I will give you all my measurements, body fat, and weight. I will also take a before picture but will wait to post it until my challenge is over! Throughout the challenge, I encourage you to help me through it! It will be very strenuous and I know hearing your great feedback will help me keep pumping along!

Well Here We Go! Wish me Good Luck and see you at my Blog!


Fitness Motivators Fit for Forty Plus Tips
Next newsletter I plan to write about insomnia. I suffer from insomnia and look forward to seeing if the information I found will help me… stayed tuned.
Email Debbie

I decided to do something different in each FM newsletter. Instead of writing articles about things, I have decided to put myself through the tests.  I plan to write about things that I plan to improve or make needed changes in my life and give you my feedback on my research.

Therefore, today I will talk about “Hair Analysis”.  At our clinic, we give our patients options on different tests that could be valuable to their health and wellness. We have included the Hair Analysis at our clinic with amazing results for our patients!  I decided that I should do this test, see what my results are. If my results come back with some needed changes in my life, I will make the adjustments and see what happens.

. . . “Patient A” has had multiple complaints for the last three years. She went to her Doctor and had numerous tests done. The diagnosis was from “all in her head” to “I don’t know”.  She has been a patient of my husband's for a short time and he decided to ask her to take this test “and just see what happens”.  Her results came back with an extremely high level of arsenic! 
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"The biggest compliments about your performance was that it was upbeat and had lots of energy and I know you'll bring that in anything you put on!" - Cassie, The Palace/Pistons

"I am a former student of yours, Gale P. I used to take the cardio boxing with my friend, Loretta, about 4 years ago. We just loved it. You [Debbie] probably don't remember me. Loretta and I usually punched at the end of class instead of doing the abs work. I left because I was having a physical problem and had surgery.
     I moved up north a couple of years ago. I love where I live now but there is nothing in this area that even comes close to your class. I LOVED your classes. There just isn't anyone like you.
     I want to get back into cardio boxing and keep this 61 year old body as healthy as I can. I found a CD you gave me before I left. I was so excited to be doing the routine again and then the CD just locked up. It won't go any farther. I was wondering if you have any CD's for sale? I would love to purchase one so that I could be doing your class again in my living room, even though it's much more motivating when you are in the room!
     I really like your current website. It's fun to see some of the talented things you have done and the instructors we had when we were in class. I think you are the best instructor ever. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon."
- Gale

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