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Making Up A Missed Class

If you need to make up a class, you can attend any one of our classes within the session that you are registered in. Only ONE missed class will be allowed (per class, per session). Email Debbie to submit your request. Again, your make-up class must be within the session that you are registered in. Although we understand how busy life is, we cannot honor requests because our schedule does not fit into your schedule (vacations, surgeries, appointments, out of town, work, etc). We offer our schedule with omit dates (if applicable) in advance, which should give you enough time to plan. Thank you in advance for adhering to this simple policy!

Unannounced Class Cancelation

The only time we will not hold a class is if there is an unannounced school closing (due to weather or other school mishaps), or if there is an immediate emergency with one of our Instructors and we could not cover the class. If in doubt of a class cancelation due to bad weather or for last minute announcements, please visit our Facebook page. Joining our social media will ensure you get last minute updates and will prevent you from any inconveniencies.

Instructors Schedule

Instructors may change without notice. The Instructors are scheduled at each class/location. We have the right to reschedule or change the location of the Instructors throughout the session. Fitness Motivators Instructors are hand-picked from our classes and goes through an intensive training program to be quality Instructors. We take pride in our Team and hope you experience what each talented instructor has to offer.


Although we go to great lengths to ensure that all class information contained on this website is accurate at the time the city or school brochure is printed, errors occasionally occur and last minute changes in our programs, classes, and Instructors teaching the class – such as dates, times and locations – may be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. Please check back often to view the updates, or email us.