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Serviced Over 10,000 Clients with Pride since 1989!

Fitness Motivators program was originated on April 4, 1989, in the Highland/Milford Michigan area by Donna. In 1995, her twin-sister Debbie and 1999, her daughter Christina, both came onboard and helped make Fitness Motivators a successful, proven-results company by offering fitness classes in several communities and corporations. Together, with the amazing Fitness Motivators Team, raised the bar on what a quality fitness program should be, and touched the lives of over 10,000 clients and fitness professionals.

The Level of Expertise That Cannot Be Copied!

Fitness Motivators has trained over thousands of clients by offering affordable, specialized programs throughout the Detroit suburban areas for adults and children. Fitness Motivators can also be seen on your local cable stations (their own award-winning shows produced by Debbie), special fundraiser events, local news, and previously, a MTV Reality Show.

Although our competitors said it would not work - Fitness Motivators was the first to design an aerobics and weight training combination exercise program in the area. The result is a super effective workout that gives three times the fat loss than aerobics alone. Fitness Motivators program simultaneously reverses both the muscle loss and the fat gain of aging. 

We pride ourselves in offering a program that caters to ALL FITNESS LEVELS - most classes are team-taught at various levels at the same time, so Beginners will NOT BE Intimidated, yet challenging enough for the advanced

Most of our classes are Free-style so there are no boring routines to memorize. Any client can customize this program to meet their personal needs. Since we team-teach most of our classes, you will find that you do not have to do all “High Impact” aerobics to see fast results. Experience Quick, Visible Results While Getting Educated On Fitness! These Are NOT Your Ordinary Fitness Classes! Instructors Are FUN!

The Fitness Motivators talented instructors takes pride in helping their clients reach their fitness goals. See if we have a class in your area or contact us to request us for your cable station, special event, or school district.

More Fitness Motivators History
Prior to the inception of Fitness Motivators, Donna taught at a fitness company where students would leave with headaches or feel sick as a result of exercising too hard. She was told to "teach harder" and was reprimanded when she did not. She tried to introduce her ideas to the owners, but was told it would not work. Donna proved to be a risk-taker in other entrepreneurial ventures (such as opening an automotive repair center that expanded into several locations throughout the Detroit metro areas) and felt her ideas would succeed if given the opportunity. She knew her ideas was a better solution in offering a fitness program that would help clients rather than hurt them.

Donna's first exercise class was taught when she was only 18 years old at the Detroit YMCA. She decided to make a lifetime commitment to help others reach their fitness goals by teaching fun, energetic original classes. Donna's goal was to reach out to those who were intimidated in an exercise class, especially assisting women who felt shy about their bodies, and those who desired quicker results.

Fitness Motivators' first locations were at two bowling alleys, a tanning salon and a daycare center. Donna was determine to find convenient locations where she could teach her new Fitness Motivators classes. Since then, the Fitness Motivators Team has taught classes in several cities, corporations and special events, and is currently in high demand throughout Michigan.

You do not need to exercise hard in order to see results. No Pain No Gain is a statement Fitness Motivators disagree with. Fitness Motivators' instructors will teach the proper way to exercise and will help clients make fitness a way of life, not just a temporary fix.

"It's Show Time!" - Join a Fitness Motivators class to experience the difference