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Fitness Motivators is not a traditional gym. The Fitness Motivators Team (FM Team) of Trainers believes in personalized, balanced fitness goals. While many fitness groups come and go, Fitness Motivators has been a fixture in the Detroit area since 1989! The FM Team prides themselves in offering a program that caters to ALL FITNESS LEVELSand ALL AGES. Most FM classes are team-taught at various levels at the same time, so Beginners will NOT BE Intimidated and advanced students will be challenged! Fitness Motivators has maintained the same affordable price for the last 15 years. The FM Team is made up of highly trained and qualified professionals and they are friendly, fun and non-judgmental.

The FM Team will help you feel stronger and more empowered – Are YOU ready to take control of who you are and what you want from this life? The FM Team says… Let’s Do This - Together! For details on Fitness Motivators and their team, please email us or call 248.987.6930


We teach because we love helping others reach their fitness goals. We make fitness fun, yet educational! 

Fitness Motivators elite instructors are mostly hand-picked from our classes and trained to be great instructors. We take pride in our Team and hope you experience what each talented instructor has to offer. Since 1989 - Creator of Fun, Proven-Result, Innovative Fitness Programs for ALL Fitness Levels!

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Since 1989, Fitness Motivators continues to offer fun, affordable fitness classes!

Fitness Motivators classes are for all fitness levels. All Fitness Motivators trainers always shows modification and work hard on providing a fun class just for you!



We WANT you to SUCCEED in your fitness classes. Period.

Fitness Motivators Mission . . . is to promote the maximum increase in fitness in the shortest most EFFICIENT manner, while keeping SAFETY as our Number One concern. We strive to offer a fun, quality fitness program to get you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. We try to change the routines in each class, to expedite maximize benefits for your overall fitness level. Adding our program to your health and fitness plan is just one of the many facets of a complete fitness program.

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Fitness Motivators. The level of expertise that cannot be copied.


Level of Expertise That Cannot Be Copied! Raising the bar on what a quality fitness program should be - touching the lives of over 10,000. Read More . . .

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All Fitness Motivators instructors always shows modification and work hard on providing a fun class just for you! Find our what works for you . . .

Fitness Motivators


Any client can customize this program to meet their personal needs and see results while getting educated on fitness! Read More . . .

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The Fitness Motivators Team believes in giving back to the community. We hope to inspire you to join us at an event! Read More . . .


Fun. Motivating. All Fitness levels. All Bodies. Affordable.

Because we are THAT team! Just like you want to go to the doctor which a doctor goes to . . . wouldn't you want to go to a class which other instructors go to? The instructors are fun and energetic and are approachable. We are inspired by YOU and design our classes for YOU! There's NO intimidation. Wherever you are on your fitness journey know that our classes cater to all fitness levels. We promise you a stress free environment while encouraging you to challenge yourself. You will definitely feel better and rejuvenated after a hectic day when you make the decision to incorporate our classes into your lifestyle.